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Burbank Sport Nets  - Burbank Sport Nets is the industry leader in installation and custom fabrication of backstop, batting cage, barrier, and overhead netting. All of their screens and frames are built in-house and made to last. Click HERE for more information regarding Burbank Sport Nets products and services.

Rapsodo Hitting - Rapsodo Hitting is a cutting edge piece of technology that brings accurate and detailed data to hitters, making it an important piece of technology for any hitter and hitting coach. For every swing Rapsodo Hitting provides feedback on important data points such as exit velocity, exit launch angle, exit direction, spin rate of the batted ball, spin axis of the batted ball, and 3D ball flight trajectory. Click HERE for more information regarding Rapsodo Hitting.

Rapsodo Pitching – Rapsodo Pitching is a piece of technology that brings cutting edge technology portable enough to go anywhere you throw. Rapsodo brings powerful insight into every pitch helping players and coaches improve through real and reliable data. On every pitch, Rapsodo proves data on pitch velocity, spin rate, true spin rate, spin axis, spin efficiency, strike zone analysis, horizontal and vertical break, as well as 3D trajectory of each pitch. Click HERE for more information regarding Rapsodo Pitching.

Rawlings - Rawlings is a leading manufacturer of baseball sporting goods in the United States. From their industry best gloves, to bats, to batting gloves, and uniforms, Rawlings is the most comprehensive provider of baseball equipment in the world. Click HERE for more information regarding Rawlings’s products.


gameSense Sports - gs Pitch-IQ and Fastpitch-IQ are training aids for hitters that improves pitch recognition, increasing quality at-bats, on-base %, and ultimately runs.  gS is a convenient and affordable hitting tool that allows more “game time” training. gS is the choice for youth, college, and professional players and organizations looking to improve on-base %, run production, and strikeout-to-walk ratio (K/BB). Click HERE for more information regarding gameSense Sports. Blast Motion -  Blast Motion is an information company that provides motion analysis and performance insights. By intelligently combining the bio-mechanics of movement with sensor data, video capture technology, and cloud-based software services, we’ve redefined the way people train, analyze, and improve their game. For more information regarding Blast Motion and their products, click HERE
K-Motion is a wearable technology that measures, evaluates, and trains a player’s hitting motion. While wearing 4 lightweight sensors, a player simply hits balls during live batting practice, off a tee, or even during a game.  The wireless sensors transmit real-time, 3D motion data to a tablet computer where the K-Motion software assesses the player’s motion and creates easy-to-understand reports. The reports demonstrate the player’s strengths and weaknesses so you can identify and correct mechanical issues and limitations using patented, realtime biofeedback. To learn more about K-Motion, click HERE.